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Summer Party Inspiration: Crafting Club

A few weeks ago, Aleah, Brianne and I were chatting on Twitter. We were talking about how we spend all of our time making new crafts to share and teach other people but rarely have time to learn new skills for fun. You always plan to take time out to get your craft on for a pillow for your house or to plan your own impromptu party, but rarely do you ever get to. So as we chatted we decided we needed a craft club. Something we could schedule one Saturday a month and learn from each other, while still having time to just play around and chat. Scheduled classes are great, but a more relaxed time that also lets you see old and meet new friends is even better.

This past Saturday, our second Crafting Club was hosted by yours truly. I had been talking with Tiny Prints around the same time and they wanted to see how you can take one piece of inspiration, like these gorgeous invites from Tiny Prints, and turn it into a party.  So as if I needed to be asked to spend more time on Pinterest, I hopped on over and started planning.


stripes //  hydrangeas // confetti system // blue flowers //  fabric //  coasters //  styling //

Make your party stand out from the start with a pretty paper invite. I've been noticing less and less invitations are sent traditionally through the mail. Unless you are planning a wedding, time and care doesn't seem to apply to paper invites. Isn't that horrible? Even I must admit I send a lot of my invitations via email. You can't beat getting a beautiful card or invite in the mail, you know you love it, so why not send out your invites via snail mail.  For just a few extra moments of time, your party will feel more festive.

But how do you pick the right invite? If you have a party theme planned, try an find an invite that matches either with color, style or pattern. Using Tiny Prints allows you to take a standard invite and customize the wording and fonts. I'm crazy over fonts and they have a huge selection to choose from. If you look at the template for the Sweet Flora invite, and my version above, you will notice I changed the Crafting Club font. There are even designers to help you with sizing if your font is too big for the space or if you need a tweak here or there. I loved the results.

If you are blank on party inspiration, do what I did. I found an invite I liked and used it to create my inspiration board. I wanted something bold to go with the watery hues so it wouldn't feel too frilly. What is bolder than graphic black and white pattern like stripes?

Invitations are the first detail anyone sees about your party and will help set the tone for your event, big or small. Wanna see more about the Crafting Club? Stay tuned.

This post is part of a series sponsored by Tiny Prints. All opinions are my own.

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