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The Coolest Party Favor Ever: Your Photo on a Lollipop

The Coolest Party Favor Ever: Your Photo on a Lollipop

I think the coolest part of a party is customizing those tiny unexpected details. When you can catch your guest's eye and turn the ordinary into something special, that's when you have created a memorable event. I want to share my greatest new party find, well actually my party cohost and online bff Sharon found these first, Lollipics. These gorgeous handcrafted lollipops are almost 3 inches wide and come in a variety of fun flavors and colors in both clear and opaque shades! But that's not the best part. You can customize your Lollpics with any image you like. It can be a photo of your kid, dog or even your business logo. Anything. Designers and party planners, the possibilities are endless, think of all the killer (and edible) designs that can be popped on a lollipop!  I still have one lollipop left from our Alt Summit Urban Jungle Party, I want to save it forever, it is that cool. Our theme was Stay Wild and Lollipics put it on a black lollipop. Sweet! (on so many levels)

stay wild lollipops lollipics.JPG

I can't begin to take a picture to show how awesome this is in real life, I tried.


And tried.

lollipics photo on lollipop party ideas.JPG

And tried. My pictures don't do it justice.

lollipics image on lollipop candy custom.JPG

Another favorite thing about Lollipics? You can even only order get small sets of 6. I love this because not all of my parties are huge. Most are just my family and close friends. What better way to surprise someone than with a lollipop with a great picture on it? Or a funny phrase? What about making a set to send via snail mail with birthday cards or just because? Make a set that say THANK YOU, what a sweet way to say thanks! Go bold with favors for an event, like a big and graphic geometric abstract? And you know Alt Summit SLC is coming this summer (registration just opened yesterday) how killer would these be as business cards? Seriously.

stay wild alt party lollipics.JPG

Either way I was blissfully blown away at the quality and sheer awesomeness of Lollipics lollipops. Also, it was fate that the black lollipops are black cherry, only my favorite flavor, ever. The uses for these are endless and I can't wait to use them again. Did you swing by our, Sharon, Ali and Lauren's, party at Alt SLC? Did you snag one of these before they flew out the door?

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