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Trade and Made: DIY Thread Wrapped Cake Toppers

Did you see my sneak peek on Instagram yesterday? I'm crazy about cake and whenever I see a wood dowel, I want to make cake toppers. Back in the day I might have been committed for this amount of obsession but luckily I have managed to make it my profession. I was mailed a box of goodies galore as part of Trade & Made and I wanted to make 50 different projects, but I had to choose only one. I squeezed it into two, kind of. Shhh...don't tell. Let's make some easy, geometric cake toppers. There is no sewing or needle involved and all we need to add for our supplies are Glue Dots.

diy cake toppers geometric.JPG

For style A, our geometric toppers, you will need: 

wood dowel (Michaels)

cross stitch mesh (Michaels )

embroidery thread (Michaels & For The Makers

Glue Dots

Step 1: Cut your cross-stitch mesh into 9x9 squares. This will also leave rectangle shapes in the middle. Trim off excess bumps so each side is smooth.

Step 2: Place an XL (1" diameter) Glue Dot on one side of mesh. Add a second XL Glue Dot to the other side of mesh.  

Step 3: Press wood dowel into one side of the mesh with Glue Dot.  

Step 4: Press end of embroidery thread into Glue Dot. Wrap entire side, with each wrap tightly next to previous round, to cover side completely. Go around to the opposite side and wrap a few strands for decorative purposes. Tuck end through thread on back and press into Glue Dot.  

diy geometric swizzle sticks.JPG

For style B, our ball and fringe, you will need: 

wood dowel (Michaels)

wood beads (Michaels

Glue Dots


Step 1: Loosely stick wood dowel into hole of wood bead. Press into center of XXL Glue Dot. Press dot around the top of dot, smoothing as necessary.

Step 2: Remove plastic. Remove dowel. Stick dowel into hole covered with Glue Dot and press through. Press into center of a XL Glue Dot to cover top. Smooth and remove plastic.

Step 3: Starting at the bottom of the wood bead, by the wood dowel, press end of embroidery thread into Glue Dot. Slowly wrap around in a spiral formation around the bottom of the bead. Press down lightly with finger.  

Step 4: Keep wrapping around bead, from the bottom to the top.  

Step 5: Cut about 7-10 pieces of embroidery thread, about 3 inches long and tie together in the middle with another piece.

Step 6: Pull on center and press down into top hole on wood bead to secure. Use a bamboo skewer to push into hole if needed. Continue wrapping until bead is covered. Trim end right where the last bit was secured to the Glue Dot. Press end fibers down.


diy thread wrapped cake toppers z.JPG

These would make great swizzle sticks or even something fun to decorate a house plant. Personally, I make everything into a cake topper. Easy and fun, be sure to use bright colors of thread to make this feel more modern.  

I was just one of the lucky bloggers that got to participate in Trade & Made so don't forget to hop over to the main site to see all the projects that were made from the very same crafts. A huge thank you to our sponsors for making this possible. I'm in love with all the goodies, even if I couldn't craft with them all today!  I'm sure you will see them in a future craft project.

Our sponsors:


Clear & Simple 

For The Makers 

Deco Art 

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