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Trophy Cupcakes & Parties Book

Today is the very special day that Trophy Cupcakes & Parties goes on sale. It's been months waiting and anticipating and now it's ready to go people! It was a crazy few weeks at the beginning of this year that almost killed us, but it was oh so worth it! The beautiful party ideas from Trophy Cupcakes owner, Jennifer Shea, are pretty and easy. This beauty of a book, with photos by my friend and talented photographer, Rina Jordan, will walk you through a party start to finish. Each theme has crafts, recipes and ideas to make your party the best ever. We ate many, many cupcakes during the making of this book, and I have to say Trophy Cupcakes are my favorite cupcakes in Seattle and still are, even after eating a bazillion. The best part is, the recipes are right in the book. From Salted Caramel to Smores, each delicious tiny little type of cake is ready to make, no secrets here. Yum.

trophy cupcakes and parties book.JPG

This is just about the best book ever, and I am not saying that because my name is in it. Seriously, my name is in this book. Personally, I can't stop smiling about the fact that I can look at each photo and see something I made. As a craft stylist, it is absolutely the best feeling ever. Of course, I'm a little extra excited about the whole thing, but I will refrain myself from walking you through each page and pointing out my goodies. Those who have been to my house recently have not been so lucky.

trophy cupcakes and parties picnic.JPG

See that tiny hand? That is Hunter's!

trophy cupcakes and parties party.JPG

It's a beautiful book, thanks to the prop styling by Jenn Elliot Blake and the pretty little illustrations from Julia Manchik. Just check out these lovely sneak peaks! Fun, fun, fun. Are you in Seattle? Be sure to swing by the launch party this Saturday! You can get your tickets here and I'll see you there! Woo hoo!! Not in Seattle, bummer, you can pick up your copy of Trophy Cupcakes & Parties here or at your local book store.

A huge thank you to Jennifer and Sasquatch Books for having me be a part of such a wonderful project. You have made my dreams come true and I will always be grateful for this amazing opportunity. xoxo

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